As I write this, plans are now well under way for Rocester to commemorate the end of WW1. Some displays are already in place such as the fantastic tableau created by members of the Allotment Society. Other will be in place shortly though half term has to be worked around for the school children’s work. What is so gratifying is the response from so many of the community wanting to contribute to the Remembrance event whether at the Church for the weekend or in other parts of the village.

It is hoped that many will be able to come to the church yard on Sunday 11th Nov at 6.45 to join with the nation in playing the last post, lighting a beacon, the ringing of the bells and the Cry for Peace.


Rocester Local History Group

At the last meeting we finished the presentation by looking at some pictures from the Staffordshire Past Track website of the construction in 1970 of the new bridge over the Dove at Uttoxeter when the new road was built. The bridge to Eaton Dovedale is the last bridge over the Dove in Rocester parish and there are no others until Dove Bridge in Uttoxeter. Previously it had just been a ford.

For a long time, it had been thought that there had also only been a ford before the building of Rocester Bridge in 1839 but there is a map of the 1770’s that shows a bridge across the Dove called St. Anne’s Bridge. Rocester Bridge, which has never needed repairs, was designed by a local well-known architect Thomas Fradgley who also designed Uttoxeter Town Hall. It was built as a toll bridge and the toll house used to be where there is an informal layby on the Staffordshire side of the bridge.

Our next topic will be Inns and Taverns.



Judith Ward kept members occupied at the last meeting with everyone making cards and although the same basic materials were used each card was unique.

At the November meeting Julie Taylor is coming to talk about her work as an events organiser for the Young Farmers.

Options for the Christmas meal were discussed and enquiries are being made for having it at lunchtime this year. Ideas and resources for the Christmas window in the Church were also talked about and decided upon.

Rocester and District Camera Club

The last two meetings, about camera maintenance and a talk about street photography, were very well received by the members.

The next topic is ‘Seeing is believing’ a talk by Warren Alani followed on 20th Nov by a competition whose theme is ‘Tell us a story’ judged by David Graham.

Written by Rocester Parish Council