Annual Parish Meeting

The annual Parish meeting will be held on Monday 14th May. This is when villages can ask questions about / discuss local issues and when Rocester groups present their annual reports.

Village Hall

Rocester Village hall of late has had an additional enhancement. This being in the form of new stage and window curtains. The curtains of golden texture are a gift from the Committee of the former JCB Lakeside Club, under arrangement by Roy Burnett. A special thank you goes to Gill and Mervyn Mellor for hanging the curtains and fitting new pull cords. Also to Gill Sandbrooke, Mandy Ellis and Susan Maiden Dalton, members of the Church Craftea Group, for resizing and sewing the curtains to fit.

Well done all and grateful thanks from Roy Burnett and the Village Hall Committee.

Rocester Local History Group

Although we had looked about four years ago at Agriculture in the area we felt it was time to investigate the actual farming families. This proved more complex than initially anticipated for although the fields obviously remain constant the ownership or tenancy of the land does change quite often. To start with we were looking at the four main farms within the centre of the village: Churnet House Farm , Abbey Fields, Ashbourne Road Farm, and Eyes Farm.

As is often the case we only had a limited number of photos and surprisingly none of the Gregory’s when they were at Churnet House Farm. ‘Rocester through the years’ has recently been a good source of images from Eyes Farm.

The next meeting of the Group will be May 8th when we will continue with farming families.


Unfortunately this month the anticipated speaker didn’t arrive, but it did give the members the opportunity to discuss where they would like to go for their summer outing. Options are now being explored and a decision will be made at the next meeting, when the local speakers will be talking about opening their gardens to the public.

Rocester and District Camera Club

The last few meetings of the club haven been well supported by members and the monochrome competition produced a high number of entries and was self- judged.

The next meeting is an outing to Wolseley Nature reserve led by Paddy Ruske and on the 15th May it is the AGM and the last meeting of the season.

Kate Yorke


Written by Rocester Parish Council