Wonderful pancakes at the Church once again on Shrove Tuesday. There was even a group of visitors from Birmingham who have been coming to this event for the last four years.

History Group

The History Group also met on Shrove Tuesday and we finished the topic of ‘Characters’ by looking at the life of Bartley Gorman, who is buried in Rocester as he thought our graveyard was ‘not like any other cemetery being, being a small field surrounded by houses and “ Not a lonely old place” .As well we covered Vernon Cotterill who was born in Rocester and gained the reputation as ‘The Mad Butcher’ in Uttoxeter, and the colourful lives of Oswald Mosley and his wife Diana Mitford who lived at Wootton Lodge for three years prior to their arrest in 1940.

We shall be meeting again on March 13th, reporting on research into Rocester’s farms and farmers as well as our usual updates on local topics of historical interest.


Rocester and District Camera Club

The members ‘Show and Tell’ session in February, where members can learn about each other’s particular interests, was well received. Warren Alani’s talk on ‘Seeing is Believing’ on Feb 20th is a preparation to the club’s next competition on March 6th ‘Illusions and Confusions in Photography’. Some say “the camera never lies” but it can, particularly with digital photography and photo-shop!


The next meeting on March 20th is a talk by Ruth Downing on ‘A day in the life of a photographer.

Kate Yorke

Written by Rocester Parish Council