Chairman’s Notes

Well, after September’s busy meeting October’s was relay quite quiet. In the public participation we were asked to display a list of current Councillors and the Clerk’s contact details on our noticeboard on the High Street. They will follow in due course. Our half year’s accounts are now on our website and spending is broadly in line with our budget. They will never exactly match as local Government doesn’t seem to include Creditors and Debtors and there are always some of those. Currently, as I write, we have displayed the paperwork from the external audit of 2017/18. We have a clean bill of health, though there are some recommendations of actions we ought to take. There always are!

Under planning, there was only a request for variations in the details of one of the houses on Eyes Farm. We have made some comments on some of the details.

Philip Atkins told us that Project A on the A50 is drawing to a close, and project B is progressing as planned. They County (and ESBC) are working hard on their budgets for next year. The cost of social care is a major part of the County budget  and is increasing.

We have been told that the Ashbourne Road Project is expected to be completed in this, 2018/19 year. Before anyone screams, the project is still to go out to public consultation after that the final go ahead will be decided on; it is at this stage that the public petition will play its part.

A press release has been issued about what is happening over Remembrance weekend. So look in the local papers for details.

Next month, along with our regular items we are going to discuss a Village Show/Fete/Event for 2019.


Nigel Green

Written by Rocester Parish Council